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Bob Newman

One thing I would like to caution everyone about is “Taking Relief Back on the LINE” Per the new rules, the ball must stay within the Drop Area (no more ball rolling up to 2 club lengths from where it first hit the course). With that in mind, if you do not define or make a reference point with a marker as to the most forward spot the ball can come to rest, then the reference point is , “where the ball first touches the course in relationship to Back on the Line. Therefore, if the ball hits the course and goes Forward and you play it, then you have played from a Wrong Place and subject to the General Penalty.A new Local Rule (E 12)could be adopted by the club or Wa, that would allow the ball to roll up to 1 club length forward. It is important to know whether this local rule is in effect or not to know your options. But either way, if you create the Drop Area, with a marker, and the ball stays within that area, you will be fine.

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