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Scott Porter

One of the things I love most about this game is the courtesy, respect and integrity of the players for each other. For this tournament, besides the competition, the most enjoyable thing is meeting and playing this game we all love with different people from all over the world. For me, I like listening to music when I play but it is not going to upset me in the least if someone I am playing with does not want it played, it is one round in the hundred I play so not a big deal. The key is to police ourselves, be respectful to our playing partners as well as the other players on the course and enjoy yourself. I think the reason this rule was changed, like many of the others, was to make golf more appealing to those who do not already play. For many the game always seemed much to stiff and rigid to be enjoyed. Like all sports we need to bring the next generations of participants into the game to share the experience and comradery with. This was just one of those rules they changed to try and bridge the game to the younger generations.

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