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Bob Newman

4.3a(4) states Not Allowed: listening to music or other audio to eliminate distractions—-. I would think that is the main reason that pros, college players, and top junior golfers all listen to music while they are warning up. At all tournaments I have been at this year have adopted the local rule prohibiting this. I think that this was one of the changes put in for recreational play, just like the OB rule. Golf is hard enough without being distracted by sounds other than nature. Just like hearing a club drop into your bag is a distraction to many golfers. I have no problem with being the one in the group to say I do not care for it and will just have to wait to see how it plays out. I have played with numerous people popping a top on a beer, but they never do it while you are getting ready to play a shot. I would imagine someone drinking excessively could lead to a problem but have never seen anyone do that at the WA. Being a non-smoker, I have had many a cart partner(in WA) that smoked and I have never made that an issue since I can get away from the smoke but one would not be able to get away from the music. . JMO

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