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Dale Craig


Why the concern? Isn’t it enough that guys are willing to take it upon themselves to run the skins game? As long as there is 100% payout, what difference does it make how the guy running it wants to determine a winner if it comes down to ties. At my club we run a skins game every week and this also includes a season long super skin. At this point in the season the only 2 holes left that qualify for the super skin are the #1 & #2 hdcp holes. So, I think it is fair to say that hole hdcp determination is a pretty fair way to do it. If I did it your way it would just add to the nightmare and make me work even harder trying to track down guys who’ve left already. Since I have run skins games for the last couple years at the WA, it becomes a pain if I have to record every birdie and usually tell guys they are out after I get 3 birdies on the same hole and I stop recording them.
Believe me I will stop running the skin game if all guys want to do is complain about this or that. Nobody is paying me to show up 1.5-2 hours early to sit around yelling out loud every 15 minutes “Skin Game Here” and having the same guys only want to pay me on a daily basis instead of just paying for the whole week up front, because I’ve got nothing better to do every day but sit around before play collecting more money instead of getting my own practice in. Then sitting around for another hour or more after the round tallying up the skins and the best I usually get out of it is a couple guys who thank me and/or buy me a drink. I mainly do it though because I think it benefits the majority to have the game and the best reward is handing the winners there winnings.

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