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I ran the skins in my flight for 5 years. And I haven’t seen anyone step up for 3 and 4 yet. On the last day, if you just say any eagles pay first is total B.S. That’s why you have to make rules that are equal for everyone. Any holes that only have two names on them, and that might end up being 3 or 4, those are the guys that get paid if it happens on the last day. Or you could just walk out the door with everyone’s skins money and say you donating it to your charity. That happened by the way on the last day a few years ago. Not a fan of that. This is why you collect score cards from every player just like you would a tournament back home. Everyone turns in a scorecard and you carefully go over every card. Someone doesn’t turn in a card, why? Is he protecting his buddies possible skin? If you want to run it dirty, that’s your business, Jason. I run it the right way. Or you make it easy on everyone and say Everyone throw their name in a hat and pull 4 winners. However you decide, make it right with everyone. And yes, you should have to be present to win on that scenario. Like I would tell the guys, I’m not leaving until there is no money left in this bag.

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