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We had a 2-man tournament at one of our home courses that a guy got a hole-in-one. He’s buying everyone drinks and celebrating all to find out that he got cancelled out by a 14 year old that teamed up with his Step Dad that paid for their skins. So, the moral of the story is, when two people gets an eagle the result is the same…… CUT!!!!!!

If I’m running flight 3 and 4 this year, Tim, I’m leaning toward a putt off on Day 4 if indeed there are no clear cut skins. It’s the only fair way to solve it. So for those in flight 3 and 4 if you stick around after the round and every hole gets cut then I guess your going to have to make the trip back to your car and grab your putter and we will put off for the money. It’s the only fair way to do it since nobody actually won a skin. Lets send somebody home a winner! Right Dan?!!!!

But lets just hope it doesn’t ever happen. Again. But plan for it just in case it does. For those in flight 3 and 4 I’ll take a poll for those who pay for the week far a putt off or draw names from the hat. And that is the way we will go with it. It’s majority rules. Have to be present to win this way on the last day. So I would stick around just in case.

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