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Oh…. and Jason called me a troll on here? I’ve been here since before you had hair on your sack.

This is why Dan Westenbarger ran it best and runs it simple. Day 4 if no one wins a skin outright and because of the added time it would take to go through all the cards to find the holes with only two Birdies or Eagles, We make the rule that everyone who has stuck around in the event of all ties then he pulls names out of a hat to “SEND SOMEONE HOME A WINNER!” Simplify it to this or a putt and/or chip off for those who have stuck around and everyone will have to be fine with that. And I think they will.

I’ve only seen it happen once. But when it did happen a rather poor choice was made. Don’t ever walk out the door on Thursday with money in the bag. When I ran it, I’m just your bank for the 4 days. I’ll take good care of your money. But your not getting it back unless you earn it. No refunds. Stick around on Thursday and we will send somebody home a winner.

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