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BJ Brown

Very well, Ken. I’ll run the skins. Rules are:

I would be honoured to run the skins game for flights 46 & 47.
Note: The skins for flight 46 will be separate from flight 47

I have run the skins for the last 6 years and no complaints. I wrote a spreadsheet that calculates the results instantly. The cost is $100 for the week. $20 for Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday. $40 for Thursday. 100% of the money that comes in goes out.

I do not take a commission at all. A beer at the end of the day would be nice though.
Birdies or better get paid out. Please bring exact change.
At the end of your round bring me your scorecard BEFORE YOU TURN IT IN !!!

I’ve never had a round without a winner. If there is no winner for that day (very rare), the money would be added to the next day’s pot.

If on the last day, if there are no winners, anyone with a birdie or better would be eligible for a share of the pot and then distributed evenly.….but again it has never happened.

Payouts will be at the course if you stick around, or the next morning. Everyone will get paid what they win, guaranteed.

I look forward to seeing everyone, whether old friend or new, and just playing golf.
See everyone soon. Best of luck everyone.

-BJ Brown – Flight 47 (714) 300-9303

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