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dan westenbarger

All right since no one else has showed any interest in doing the skins in 34-35 I will come to the corse on Monday prepared to take care of the game.the game is out lined above but here is the rest of the story, I will start out in the club house where I hope you all will come find me if not I will be outside tracking you down,I prefer to collect daily but will take the 100 on Monday (I don’t like carting all that money all wk).i will be back in the club as soon as my round is over you will need to bring me ether a singed and attested tournament or a course card with all 4 singutures on it. For the par 3 tournament the cost is $50 for the week long tournament,the payout is first place 50 percent 2nd -30 percent and 3rd 20 percent.last year we had $1300 in the pot and we had a clear winner for $650 and a 2 way tie for2nd and they got $325 each.so for this I will need the $50 on Monday and then I will need the same cards as the skins game.any questions or comments don’t hesitate to ask.

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