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Dale Craig

Here is my take on it as someone who has run the skin game for the last 4 WA’s. This year I had really solid participation and had no skins on day 1. On day 2 with a day 1 carryover the pot reached $2720. 2 guys split that pot for $1360 each. 1 guy tipped me $160. The other guy took the money and barely thanked me and gave me nothing. This was pretty much the way it went. Some tip generously, some throw you a 20 and some don’t tip at all. All in all most guys thanked me and I even got applause on the last day from everyone. That meant as much as a tip. I like doing the skins game because I think it makes the week even more fun. It is a lot of work on my part to set up the sheets for 4 days, count and keep track of all the money, arrive early and stay late every day.

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