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Father time has a way of creeping up on us, Ricky. I’m 50 but stayed in the 49 and under. So I had to play to a reduced WA handicap and I’m giving up a lot of years(my choice) to the competition. My friend ended up in 3 so it worked out best. I play in a tournament here at home at the end of the month that pays out the top 5 handicapped and gross. You only get the highest prize. It’s a nice way to do the event.

The WA has a just for fun group. What if, instead or addition to, they do a play together flight so the groups of friends that want to play together and still compete can end up in jumbled flights. This way they get the best of both worlds. It’s still competitive. It’s just that you could have a 20 handicap playing against a 5. It’s all the same, really.

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