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Glenn Foster

Agree! I do not establish my handicap with the max 9 “rule” therefore, I do not feel this is a fair way to do it. The blow up hole(s), we all have, keep us with higher handicaps. I have played in this 20+ yrs. and do not care what has been tried to speed up play it is basically ineffective. Local rules for O.B. & drop areas would do more for consistent speed of play for an amateur tournament. When a player takes 2-3 of these and tries the putt for a 9, you still have wasted time to “make my 9” instead of “taking a 9.”
Oh well, they will keep it as a tournament rule for next year,I’m sure. It’s just odd that if I take a 12 on 1 hole, but shoot well the other 17, I feel like I’m cheating my handicap when that isn’t my local rule(s) where I play, but am expected to do that at The World Am.

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