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Bob Newman

Scott– I have a scenario I just want to throw out and just keep in mind that I do know some of the system but am no expert nor do I need to know all the info you have access to. I have been trying for 3 years to “beat” the system, or get DQ’d, and honestly have not had the game to do it and most probably never will. By using the best of last 12 months is very good and I understand why that shows ones potential. But in my case, I was once down to a 6.8 index (or close to that), I was playing longer yardages on a 134 or 128 slope course.And one year in WA actually shot my differential on a course(please to not take the time to completely verify this as it does not matter)–So now I have a 10.1 index of last 12 months, am playing shorter courses at WA than I do at home, still trying to play 6100 yds, If I go out and shoot a round with a differential of 7 or 8, I bust my 10.1 and most probably will receive some “form of adjustment” , but by having a former lower index, is that ever taken into consideration???? Just a food for thought.

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