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Like I said, Scott, you personally don’t even have anything to do with the adjustments. You let your computer do all the adjusting for you. I’m pretty sure you had me at a 6.0 for the tournament last year. Not sure where you pulled up a 6.5, but, during July and August I usually start playing my best golf. Reason being is that I have already played 10 or more tournament rounds by then. Did I score exceptionally in those tournaments? Probably not. They are from the tips and all our events around here are at scratch. So it’s not likely that I will ever place in any of these events because I’m usually around a 5 to 6 handicap playing against guys that are on the plus side of the handicap. Played one day with the kid who won the Cleveland Am Qualifier. On the 476 yard par 4 this kid hits driver gap wedge which he holes out for eagle. The kid is way beyond my skill level. But I’ve played in enough tournaments that playing with these guys doesn’t rattle me. Although I do remember taking a 7 there. So I feel really comfortable playing with guys of my own skill level. My friend on the other hand gets wound so tight he can’t swing like he normally can. Then he blows 90+ on his tournament rounds.

Fact – You play the 49 and under way too short. There really isn’t a reason that you should move us up to the white tees. I can almost guarantee you that the majority play 6600+ all year long. Heck, Bobby Perkinson who won the WA back to back told me he played 6500 yards back home then. You guys had them at under 6000. Let him put wedge in his hand all day long and it’s lights out. Back then anyways. I know he’s had some back issues and we are all getting older.

The other fact which you mistakenly brought out, my handicap didn’t go down to a 4.9 from one score. That’s completely false. You of all people should know your handicap is based on 10 scores. My handicap did not come down just because of one World Am score. I had 71 at Thistle and 70 at Pine Lakes on my handicap card at the same time and I didn’t drop below 4.9. The difference between an exceptional round and a good round is pretty simple. Making birdie putts. Had I not made any birdies both of those rounds I would have shot 75. And there are plenty of rounds that I play that I walk off 18 with no birdies on the card.

And I guess your definition of exceptional and mine are way off. Exceptional to me is a round in the 60’s. Thought I was going to have one the week before the World Am in the Summit County Senior Am. Ended up at 72, one over. Made bogey on the last 3 holes and was in good position on 7 and 8 and hit 4 iron over the stick on 9. That was the death pin. Long is wrong. Hooked the other two approach shots. That’s golf. You never know what’s going to happen every time you tee it up.

The last fact I know for sure is that I will never win the flight. If I have a good round going I’m not the type to throw a few shots just so I don’t fall under your retroactive adjustment. Playing in the Championship round really isn’t that interesting. At least in the Mesquite Am if you win the whole thing you win free entry into next years event. Not just a salad bowl for your effort. Is that really too much to ask that you guys don’t get so cheap that can’t offer them that? Free entry to the winner?

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