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Tommy Briggs

Jeffrey I never said I agreed with the WA process. I have seen so many strange things happen on a golf course nothing surprises me. However I also am empathetic to the WA situation who are trying to address the concerns of 3,200 golfers. Compare the number of DQs to the field. 1% would equal 32 DQ’s, and I doubt we came close to that number. So if the rules are good for 99% of the field I would say that is more than fair. (Unless you are part of the 1%) As I replied in another post in this thread, increase the penalty / adjustment, eliminate the DQ and let everyone play.

You said that your handicap does not go down based on one score. I merely pointed out that yes it can go down as a result of a single score and it will, if the one score is a Tournament score. (USGA Handicap Manual: Rule 10-3) If the average of your two lowest T scores is lower than your current HI by 3.0 or more, you may see a reduction.

Jeffrey you do not see a reduction because:
a. you have a low HI and your T score average has not created a 3.0 exception to your HI.
and / or
b. you have a higher number of T scores so the impact of your T score average is less.
(See Handicap Reduction Table 5)
I also have a lower handicap and typically post over 40 T scores a year, so I have only seen two reductions in my HI in over 30 years. The number of posted T scores per year minimizes the impact of a low T score average and potential reduction.

We are talking about differentials not score relative to par. So an even par round might result in a differential of 2.6 (rounded to 3.0) depending on the course rating and slope. This would not create a reduction for a handicap of 6.0 or more. Now a T score average of 2.6 (rounded to 3.0) could affect the HI of anyone with a HI over 7.0 who has a limited number of posted T scores

The WA instantaneously adjusts your HI, to include the T scores you have just posted that day. The instant your T score is posted your will see an affect until your next HI is released. The WA uses the adjusted HI immediately.

I pulled my information from the USGA’s Handicap Manual please see Rule 10.3 a-d for a far more complete explanation.

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