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Rick Kimbrell

Daniel, I am not with WA Committee. And, yes I did have a hard time understanding your question but from what I did understand, you seem to be asking what score you should not shoot to keep from being adjusted.
Golf is an honorable game. We are supposed to try and play the best we can. Once you are on the course playing and let’s say all you have to do is make par on the last 3 holes in order to shoot 76. But, if you think by shooting a 76 you will get adjusted so you decide to intentionally 3 putt 2 of the last 3 holes so you can shoot a 78 and not get adjusted….you are cheating. Simple as that. Granted it would be hard to prove but it is against the nature of the game of golf itself. And, it also tells me that you handicap is inflated to begin with. Play the best you can every time you play, post every legitimate score whenever you play and play to your real handicap. Don’t try to manipulate your handicap or your scores.

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