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Raymond Lemoine

Erik has played in this tourney for the past 4 years prior to this years tourney. I don’t believe he has ever broken 100 in this tourney and has to my knowledge only did it once against me at 99. He has tournament scores in his index and i believe if the WorldAm would have been a little more proactive and gave him a chance to outline his play and talk to those 9’s he recorded they probably would not have DQ’d him. But no one even talked to him prior to his disqualification. He pursued it with Scott but was told nothing could be done. What a joke! In the past, i’ve played in this tourney since 2006 and when there was issues we were asked to visit room 210 and talk things out. I never visited this room but we all knew if summoned there was an issue. DQ’ing someone in round 2 or 3 is so wrong, we’re hear to enjoy the WorldAm and the compete in a unique tourney, but how much fun can you have when your taken out half way into the tournament. I’m sure there was no adjustment made to the program to DQ a player based on his acceptance to a 9 score, but should have.

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