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Tommy Briggs

For what it worth I agree DQs should be eliminated. Some people plan for this event months in advance, start saving up the money months in advance to go, they secure the time off work and in general go to great lengths to attend. I personally travel with someone who goes to the driving range 3 – 4 times a week for two weeks prior to the WA, and this guy does not go to the driving range 3 – 4 times in a year. The WA is a big, big deal for him. It is also a financial strain he has to plan and sacrifice for.

Adjustments and retro active adjustments can accomplish the same thing as a DQ without ruining the week for someone who has spent good money, taken time off work, travelled great distances to participate. A retroactive adjustment that places the player outside of the top ten in his flight and then force him to play with the adjusted handicap for the final round.

By the way, I have played a lot of golf in my lifetime and I have never met a 20+ handicapper who could manipulate their scores, provided the player had the requisite number of scores and T scores in their HI. So whatever Erik is, he is not a cheater.

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