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ron hubert

You are right . The game should be honest the problem is not everyone is.
I have played in this going on twenty five years and have seen just about everything .
The staff as a hole dose a great job ,but can only do so much the problem is
A person who goes out and shoots a great round on day one. And you shoot two over your handicap and you are 12 strokes out.
Most of us come down to play to have a great time and to win . The problem is you go out and shot for every pin on day two to try and gain some strokes.I do not know about you but that is the hardest thing for amateurs to do.so you now shoot 10 over and are now 18 strokes out .only thing left to do is play for skins.
We will always have big swings in the # of strokes the leader shoots under par. In my twenty five years I have only finished in the top 5 once and the leader shot 2 under his handicap for four rounds it was a great flight .
Well I have run on long enough,

Ron H

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