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Dale Craig

I understand the low 12 rationale, but I think previous WA performance would/should also be brought into the equation. Seeing as I am a northern resident and really don’t get to play between mid October and at the earliest mid to late April. That leaves my active golf season about 5 months long. My northern h-cap has been in the 12+/- a few strokes for years. I usually am pretty good at playing around that cap range at the club I’ve been a member at for close to 40 years. The problem comes when I play unfamiliar courses and especially when I travel to the WA. I have never come close to playing to my perceived ability and consistently place in the bottom 10 in my flight. It sure would be nice if they considered past WA performance as an additional factor in assessing handicaps.
I am seriously also considering not playing in the WA anymore. Aside from the camaraderie and friends I have made the golf aspect is just not fun anymore. I’d be better off just taking a week long golf vacation to some other destination. I will wait and see how the new World handicap system actually works out, but regardless I would still bring my handicap from last year and know that I won’t be competitive with it, because my age related maladies are not getting better and I’m certainly not, so why bother.

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