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Bob Newman

Scott, disagree that the lowest of last 12 has not been used. The last 2to 3 years I have played my best the 6 weeks after the WA and have had he September or October index which has cost me approximately 2 shots each year. With that being said,what I played to very close to what I am capable to play too. I have said all along that I suppor the lowest of last 12 months. I would also say that it is up to every golfer to make sure everyone they play with post every score. This does not happen at a lot of clubs. I also am anxiously waiting to see how this new system plays out. The one area I think will be bentificial is you will be able to post hole by hole and let the app get it right. It also (since stableford is based in it) the golfers who play the “point system “ at home and say they can not post because they didn’t finish the hole can not post. It can’t eliminate them from poshest a higher score but at some point maybe their buddies will get them postind correctly. JMO

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