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The new system allows for the slope and rating to change due to differing course conditions. ??????

My question is, that what if it was been raining all week so you are playing lift clean and cheat, in addition to moving the BLUE markers up 100 yards on each hole to the next tee box.

This situation happened last year where the course rating was 72.3/135 and by the new ruling would move down to 70.8/126. I on this occasion shot a 73 which was entered on the higher rating which was BS. I had 6 irons into every par 5, less than 100yds to every par 3 and had to hit 8 iron wedge into 3 x par 4 to avoid the penalty area. On this particular day 126 players scored less than their handicap with another 47 scoring level with their handicap. Effectively only 13 players in a field of 186 played over thier handicap which in all reality does not happen. If was the WAM thy all would have been reduced or DQ’d, LOL.

As a result of my score card being entered at the BLUE rating I was unfairly penalized all year with a low tournament score. By the new rule this would have been avoided by factoring in the course conditions.


This is all dependent upon the Handicap manager entering and adjusting the scores accordingly. I very much doubt that when entering 186 scores manually they are going to take the time to alter all 186 course ratings which brings us back to the same old problem, the system is floored. Once it is entered it is entered and it doesnt matter how much you dispute it the tournament score is there to haunt you for another 12 months.

The rule is only good if it is implemented correctly. We saw that with the the New Orleans BS Pass Interference Rule being implemented. BUT. It was hardly ever enforced as per the rule change.

In my opinion the rule was changed to bring every one in alignment all over the world but it is the implementation of the rule that needs to be strictly enforced if the system is going to work

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