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Dale Craig

I usually finalize my car rental a month or more before my arrival but have also found that if I check regularly the last week or so that I can get an even better rate. The beauty here is that I have a reservation, but if something cheaper comes up then I can get it. Also, I always try to be as friendly as possible when I get to the counter and quite often if I ask if they have any last minute deals or they have a premium upgrade I can get that at that time. Car rental companies will often have premium cars that they are happy to lease out so the popular lower tier cars are available, 2 years ago I had a Nissan Altima reserved and inquired if they had anything better they wanted to give me for the same price. Well they did even better than that. I got into a Cadillac for 7 days for $119 for the week. Never hurts to ask and be nice. Also, I use my Costco membership to shop Car rentals. They get the lowest rates I’ve found.

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