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Bob Newman

Mike, I actually think that my rehab has gone a lot better than most. Everyone i talk to that had this same surgery has experienced more pain than me. I have only taken 3 pain pills (the 2 days after surgery) during my recovery. Now with that being said, the last couple weeks when my therapist tells me he is getting ready to “stretch it”, he has required me to put my left hand in my pocket. It is a 5 count when I know he is doing some good. Can now stand with my back to the wall, arm at 90*, and touch the back of my hand to the wall, same as with the left which did not have surgery. I am just about at end of rehab, but will keep going till they kick me out. I can tell a big difference in the strength of entire upper body strength from the weight workout he has given me. Did not fully understand how much weaker I had become over the years. Now this is light weights with more reps, but it is working. I now think that this new found strength is hindering my golf swing a little, trying to be more powerful instead of a tempo swinger. I also think that the mussels are still learning the new positions of my body. Did not fully understand what the therapist was telling me about this until I started back with full swings. Hang tough, the rehab will make everything work properly.
John, I am planning on returning again this year and we have to make an effort to catch up.

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