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It is very confusing. Being from Indiana we are on the Blue Golf system and on Jan 5th I was given a new ID and a New World Golf Handicap going forward. Thats Forward and not looking back as both systems dont match up. ….. BUT ….. My new world golf handicap is 10.8 and if you google blue golf look up is shows just that 10.8. I havent played golf this year and my first official tournament is May 12th (Fingers crossed) but if I look up my name and handicap on the Tournament site I see my handicap listed as 8.8R with several TOURNAMENT scores from last year which were BS entered incorrectly.

I am wondering what Hcp they will play me off the first event and if they enter the score will it lock into the old system which totally negates the new system. I dont mind giving 2 strokes away in a single tournament but if the WAM takes the yearly low that means at least 8 strokes I will be giving away over the week.

I want to know how we can have a totally new system going forward yet still be anchored in to the old floored system as per the dope of slope

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