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Glenn Foster

All, it is a “good deal”!! You get to experience local restaurants, golf supporting industries inside the center selling auxiliary golf stuff. Accommodations & packages available for future trips… these vendors have been reduced since I first came down in 1995, but this is purposeful from both sides of the tournament. M.B. is a fully year round destination. It didn’t use to be this way because the tournament was set up for a low census period before almost everything shutdown for the year/season after Labor Day. Hotels don’t need our business, restaurants stay open all year, golf courses are year round packed due to closings over the last 20 years and the sponsorship used to be Dupont and the reach of the World Am was huge! 7000+ golfers was possible, but 5000+ was common. the convention center was nothing like it is now!
No tables for eating on, no bands, poor food choices but rarely families inside either! A little “seedier” for a bunch of golfers for a while.
Appreciate the great choices for the deal of golf & food everyday for all. It is a very good deal; in my opinion!

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