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Tommy Briggs

I think that people’s opinions and fears are largely a result of where they live and the severity of their situation there.

Where I live (North Florida) courses never closed, we never had our first case until April and restaurants are already reopened. (They were only closed for two weeks). Where I live there has not been any changes to our lifestyle. To me the Covid virus is a news item not much different than an earthquake in California. Newsworthy but just does not affect me.

I played in the March Championship and cannot imagine any situation where the World Am would be cancelled. I think there will be some changes in our lives that will continue long after the virus is gone. I think the changes in golf will be minimal. The changes we are seeing are minimal now and will be hardly visible in a few months. The biggest change I see potentially will be with the 19th hole. What changes will be made remain to be seen, and by August we may not even see a change.

I am an optimist anyway so I look forward to seeing everyone in August.

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