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Tommy Briggs

I have not seen Scott or the “committee” post anything specifically that says if the World Am cancels the tournament we would not receive a 100% refund. I would be extremely disappointed if the World Am cancelled the tournament and did not offer a 100% refund.

I am prepared for changes to the tournament format, specifically changes to the 19th hole, (which is why I started this thread) but I think any changes we experience with the World Am this year are probably going to become the standard for golf and life going forward.

I think we are going to lose some people who decide that any risk is enough to keep them home. I also think we might see some changes that cause some people to stay home. I am very confident in Scott and his staff’s ability to produce a tournament that will exceed expectations. I play over 30 tournaments in a year and think Scott and his staff are as good as they come.

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