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Bob Newman

Mike, sorry I have not posted anything BUT my golf game is so bad right now that I have just been in a “mood”. Shoulder is excellent, just need to figure out my head. My driving distance has come around and back to what i was before surgery. I have built my upper body strength back up but I am struggling with making myself “throw the shoulder” into the ball and ground and get that full right arm extension thru Impact. About 4 or 5 times a round I get the impact that I wand and the iron distance is not bad, but I am mostly fanning the ball or thin shots. The shoulder does not bother me nor do I have pain. But it does let you know when you do something you should not be doing. My therapist tells me I am still training the mussels as to what they should be doing. Every day life is just so much better than it was before surgery.
If I could just tell myself to be more patient, I believe everything would come around But that isn’t me.
Am planning on signing up for the WA before the deadline and coming down again this year. Hope you are progressing well and getting back out there. Looking forward to catching up with you and comparing notes.
Bob (now that shoulder is fixed, my good knew has started acting up)

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