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Tommy Briggs

Bob I have absolutely no doubt Scott and his staff have discussed numerous possibilities to conduct the tournament under every possible scenario.

I also think he would be an absolute fool to post them in public.

The minute he does, someone will focus on one absurd possibility and run with it and next thing you know we have some one running around telling everyone he knows, “The world Am is going to be played in Puerto Rico this year to avoid the virus”, or writing to the staff, “I want my money back if we have to wear masks at the 19th hole”.

We have over three months before the tournament, lets see how all of this plays out and I am very confident Scott will give us good information at the proper time. For those who fear the worst, it will only cost them $50.00 to wait and see. But to start publicly discussing events in late August / Sept in the middle of May is incredulous.

By the way if I owned a golf course I absolutely would have over seeded and aeriated and performed any other major or minor work on my course when this all broke out, knowing travel would be limited and “vacations” would be dramatically reduced. I also have never seen a course that was not playable after over seeding or aeriation within 4 – 5 weeks.

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