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Bob Newman

Tommy. I have no doubt that everything will be fine but I do have some reservations as to what the “scene will look like. I also do not really care if I lose the $50 or not. In fact, if I take another blow to my shoulder like I did last week, I may have to withdraw due to that. But, if I am signing up for one thing and then I get a different version of what I signed up for, then that is a different story. I am not saying I do not trust anyone with the WA to make a decision. They are actually having to deal with a lot more than we are. I am planning on coming down and playing as always, I was just asking for some more information.
As for the overseeding, some of your mid tier courses will probably have some issues transitioning to Bermuda fairways especially since we are having a cool spring and the Rye will not want to die out. The courses that did not have full growth of fairways last year and overseeded, will not have full growth for this summer. I was not upset last year when a couple courses I played were not up to what I expected due to the winter but I do expect better this year. By the by, I did speak with several Greens Supertentants in my area, and all of them do not overseed any longer. JMO

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