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Aaron Ellis

Ol Bob!

You are silly to think the courses won’t be in good shape with the overseeding down there, I was down there last week and will be down there this week, only due to the overseeding! Here in Charlotte with the cooler temps the Bermuda isn’t even growing, so it’s actually a good thing they have rye, and the rye will burn out quick once the true heat hits it and the Bermuda will flourish! If they didn’t have rye down you’d have the same problem we are having with the Bermuda that is growing in Charlotte and the over play from normal, the young Bermuda is getting beat down by all the carts driving on it non stop and the cooler weather and nights isn’t letting it grow, so the areas that didn’t overseed will actually have the worst of this if they are getting played on a regular basis! Come to Charlotte and you’ll see what I mean, I’m not even looking forward to summer here and potentially having bare patches from where the grass couldn’t grow from all the carts beating it down to soon! You’ll be thankful come Aug, the cool spring is helping!

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