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Tommy Briggs

I am not Scott but I do not think the World Am knows what the tourney will look like in August. I would bet they as of today they are planning on running the same tourney they have for years and years. As August gets closer they will look at what changes become necessary. I can tell you from organizing tourneys on a smaller scale the first time you allow conditional withdrawals you have someone that says they want to cancel because last year we had twelve beer stands and this year we only have eleven, last year we had three different shirt colors offered and this year we only have two.

I started a thread asking if the 19th hole was a deal breaker because for me I could really care less about the 19th hole, but it appears to some it is the highlight of the tourney. I think if anyone expects there to be no changes at all, they will be disappointed, I am sure there will be some minor changes at the very least if for no other reason because there will be a difference in the attitude of the golfers.

The bottom line is it will cost you $50.00 to take a chance the World Am will pull off something that makes the majority happy. Or you can play it safe and wait until we get closer to August and more details are available. Hey look at the bright side, normally we would have major bitching about handicaps, adjustments and penalties, so we have avoided that crap so far.

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