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Bob Newman

Aaron, I honestly think it was good for the MB area to overseed as Spring is Prime time for them. i use to come and play MB in the spring a lot. There is nothing more beautiful than a golf course full of rye. Just look at Augusta National, but come June 10ish, Augusta National shuts down for the summer and does not reopen until early October. About 12 years ago I started attending meeting with the CGA in Pinehurst and the first thing i took from those meeting was their agronomist was preaching to stop overseeding and be brown thru the winter months. In fact, the first course I got to play in PH was the Country Club of N C and was i so disappointed that it was not overseeded. It still a pleasure to play it. This train of thought took a couple years to work it way into SC and most in SC will now tell you it is best way to go. But MB is a different case and I think it is best for them, but I do think those 18 courses will have some issues and I hope i do not draw them for the WA.
Where do you play in the Charlotte area? My daughters family now lives in Fort Mill and I have played several courses up that way. Have not been up to play that much last year but plan on playing more this year. If you have not ventured down near Lancaster to play Edge Water. it is well worth the trip.

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