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Lee Hooper

Bob, don’t get my wrong, I plan to play this year since I booked my Hotel room in November at a great rate At THE GRAND SHORES OCEAN RESORTS, STAYED THERE THE LAST TWO TIMES I HAVE STAYED IN Myrtle Beach, saved $ 50.00 from last years rate. $ 331.00 for 5 nights including Resort fee. Being 71 years young and having a heart attack back in 2018 and missing the tournament, I don’t plan on missing any more. Golf is the best part of the tournament, but my better half does like the entertainment at the CC and the Friendly’s ice cream. Since her brother lives in Conway, we always get with them to eat out a couple of nights while we are down. Have been playing since 2007 and enjoy this tournament, having made a whole lot of friends and came in tied for 4th in last years flight. So I will be there.

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