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Walter White

My .02. Seems fair price to pay since they did reduce it more. it was already reduced for early entry. You will be paying the same for the chance to win the world AM as you did before, which should be the reason for entering. There is cheaper golf in Myrtle, but not the Competition and Camaraderie here with past friends and players.
People who never cared about the 19th hole always paid their entry fee and never mentioned about over paying because they did not use the 19th hole.
Now we have this mess going on and they are doing their best to play the World AM. My opinion is that they need our (players) support more this year than before. They work hard to make this happen every year and probably harder this year. One year with out the 19th hole is not that bad. I will miss it too.
However, everyone has different opinions, just my observation. All I know for sure, the more that do not go in my flight, I am that much closer to winning my flight;)
I hope everyone and their Families stay healthy.

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