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Ken Weatherford

I’m with you, Tommy. Can’t eat enough ice cream and standing in line for horrible food is not my idea of fun. If I were single, I could probably make a night of it, but my wife comes with me every year. Guess she thinks I’ll get into girl trouble. lol Yeah, if you add up the courses, say $50 each, the gift bag and gift card, maybe another $100. That’s $300. Then the boys need to make a buck for running it. They don’t just run it, they have to almost organize all year long. They have to use indexes from the WAM if it was the lowest, and they have to create everything in the database for handling indexes, scores, etc. I know, because I am just finishing an entire online tournament and skins game site. $15K and a year later, I am very close to being done.

Everyone asks me why I would waste my time and money. Well, I have seen the competition and this will blow them all away. Video training for the site, laughs, chatbots, and a lot of stuff no one thinks about. I think playing golf should be fun, and keeping score (and skins) is also a part of that.

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