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Tommy Briggs

What about the money for the flight winners and trophies? There are only 40 players per flight and a payout of $1200. per flight not including trophies. So you have to add a minimum of
$40 per player for prizes.

What about the money for the final round, I can tell you that is not cheap. The Friday finals at the Dye Course is what I am playing (and paying) for, not a free cup of ice cream on Tuesday.

This is a business for Scott and his staff and they do a damn fine job. I play around 40 tourneys a year and this one surpasses any of them for efficiency, value and competition. I do not have any factual basis for this statement but I would be willing to bet at the end of the day when you add up all the costs including salaries, gifts, prizes, green fees, cart fees, administrative costs, the World Am is a break even proposition.

I agree they plan for two guest at the 19th hole per entry fee, at the very least 1.5 guests per entry fee.

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