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Tommy Briggs

Charles a few years ago I played the Golf Channel Am Tour, for ONE year ONLY. I was still playing the Florida State Golf Association regularly. The Golf Channel regularly charged $140. for tourney rounds at courses I could play for $50.

The Golf Channel had a tourney at Grand Cypress, they charged almost $600 for it and called it a “Major”. The $600 was for two days of golf and range balls. Their tourney was on Saturday and Sunday. The FSGA played a two day tourney starting the very next day (Monday and Tuesday), the charge, $55. per round. I played the FSGA tourney.

The Golf Channel had a two day tourney at Streamsong, (Sat/Sun), again they charged almost $600. for the two days. The next weekend the FSGA had a two day tourney there, (Sun/Mon) for $495 and our entry fee included a room for two nights at the resort.

I spoke with people who played the Golf Channel tour and they raved about the the good time they had, and how much they enjoyed playing the Golf Channel Am Tour. The entire time I am thinking, “do you not know how bad you got ripped off”. I can share numerous other examples like this and I now realize, one mans hell is another mans heaven. I have always had a great experience at the World Am, I think it is one of the best run tourneys I have ever played in. I personally think it is a very fair value.

I am sure if Scott shared there would e numerous other expenses we are not considering. For me $435. is very fair and I look forward to seeing everyone in August.

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