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Tommy Briggs

Harry the issues I see with your suggestion are these.

The courses who participate in the World Am still get a fee, even if it is a reduced fee they still receive a fee. What you are proposing is, in addition to accepting a reduced fee now we are asking you to accept less volume.

In my flight I had 40, with two flights per course, and at a reduced fee of $30.00 that is $2,400 in revenue. Lets use a reduction number of 75%, so now we have 30 + 30 at $30.00 is $1,800 in revenue. So the courses might not be as accommodating. 60 players is only 15 foursomes, we tie up a course for 7 – 8 hours, so at what point are the course saying we are better off with daily play.

In addition, the prizes per flight total $1,200 plus the cost of the trophies plus the cost of the Friday finals at the Dye Course, and daily prizes, drawings etc. So now you have to ask everyone to take an additional hit by either reducing the prize pool, (which would cause me to drop out) or ask for more money per player. (If you read the other posts, people are bitching about $435.

I realize the virus is an tragic issue but I am not going to live my life in panic and fear. I understand why some people might choose to drastically change the way they live their lives and I respect their right to. Maybe Scott should have a virus flight, one rider per cart, only two players per hole, tee times and a two shot penalty if you are caught without your mask on. Millions of people die every year in the US because of the health issue but how many take steps to improve their health? Just my two cents worth.

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