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Bob Newman

Danny, don’t believe what Rick tells you. Edgefield is not very big by Texas standards. I actually live between Edgefield and Johnston and we have plenty of stop signs, we actually have a total of 4 stoplighs in the 2 towns. We are even on the S.C. MAP,right near Ward, Eurika, and Saluda. I’m 25 miles east of Magnolia Lane in Augusta ga., and about 20 miles north of Aiken. If you drive on I-20 , one exit actually does say Edgefield. I wish I could say something flashy about Edgefield but other than being home to the legendary Strom Thurmond (who by the way made headines at his 100th birthday by putting his arms around the lady that brought out his cake). If not this year then next, I’ll buy you a beer also. I’ll straighten out Rick also. We do have fun on the BB.

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