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David Baker

The flip side of the proposition is that the Tournament is held when tourism is slow in MB. Golf Holiday helps it’s clients by hosting the World Am and filling rooms and restaurants for 4-7 days. The World Am is a business and obviously good for the MB economy. With everything I am sure that they are making a return on the investment or they couldn’t continue to run the World. Some like the 19th hole and some could care less, personal preference. No one has to go there, but you can. No one has to eat the food or drink the drinks, but you can. You have options, 19th Hole or one the fine restaurants that MB offers. I don’t always agree with decisions that the WA makes, but all in all I feel they try and do the right thing and until I feet that they don’t I’m in. I get to play golf on good courses and gather with good friends for a week, eat good food and have a few drinks. There are other golf options but I doubt they offer what the WA does. Just my 2 cents.

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