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Raymond Abernathy

How many times you have played in the WA doesn’t matter. You have played 32 previous times, good on you.
The WA is an opportunity for everyone who loves golf to participate, grow the game by bringing new people and having a good time.
My comments before were directed at your “The sky is falling”, negative and apocalyptic view of the WA this year. I had said courses could loan carts to other courses, and you had a temper tantrum.
I had figured after no comments from you for a month, that you had finally found a positive outlook on the subject. I was wrong.
I am done with your negative outlook and comments. I choose to look at the positive side and to enjoy seeing old friends that I have played with in past events, including the WA, Veterans Classic, Retired Military classic, and other events Scott’s team has put together. I am thankful for everyone who helped start and grow these events to give all golfers opportunities to enjoy a game we love. Stop and smell the roses some time, life is to short to be as bitter as you are.

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