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Rick Kimbrell

Hmmm, I guess I exceeded number of times I can edit a post. Oh well….
But about extra time…so the statement was made tee times between 8 and 10. Ok, 8am start time. Regardless of what time I tee off, if I am running skins, I am there no later than 7AM. That is 3 hours before the last tee time at 10. If you have never experienced a 6 hour round at the WA…well it happens.
So, last tee time is 10am, plus 6 hours. Now, you are there when last group is coming in at 4pm. Oh believe me, they are going to put up their clubs, check scorecards, I might see them at 4:30pm.
So, I have been there from 7am till 4:30pm. That is 9-1/2 hours with who knows how many people walking up and asking “is my birdie still holding up”. And all of that for a “thank you”…maybe, or a beer or two. I love seeing all you guys but to end up doing a 10 hour day at the golf course…not really worth it with tee times.

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