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Rick Kimbrell

Most, if not all, of Texas is the same way. Some courses have actually put rakes back in the bunkers.
We have every variation you can think of about the cups and the flags. Some have inverted the cups and it is almost impossible to make a putt of any length because of it hitting the metal sticking up and bouncing off. Some have pool noodles in the cups. Some are very large, some are very small. I have had 2 potential hole-in-ones bounce out in the past 2 months. Then there is the “how do you count it if the ball hits the pool noodle and does not stay in the cup on a putt”, “did it really hit the pool noodle or not”, and so on. And, the raised cups…geez…would your ball have really gone in the cup traveling at 15mph bouncing off the raised cup and going 15 feet to the side?
If this is truly a competition…let’s play real golf.

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