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grant johnson

Ok, here we go…my 2 cents worth on this subject….I have been a long time participant in WA and have looked forward to playing every year….with the talk of major changes due to virus, I just want to make sure we are still going to be playing golf, or is it just an event to fill the spot and say we had one. I have signed up for the tourney after, a skin game on Sunday, plus the WA itself, so I have a lot invested in golf, motel, and all the other expenses involved and I certainly don’t want to be beating the ball off a pool noodle. I understand the concern for catching the virus (I’m 67), and none of us want that, but we also want to have some semblance of golf too. We’ve already lost the CC this year, and talk of tee times means we probably lose skin games during the week, and who knows what else will go? My feeling is leave the flags alone (do not take them out or touch them) and if someone is concerned about retrieving their ball out of the hole, give everyone a bottle of sanitizer in the gift bag and they can use it after handling the ball. If the state issues guidelines that won’t let us play “normal” golf, than please let us know before refund deadline. You’re more likely to get the virus going to restaurants than on the golf course. Can you imagine hitting a rocket across the green hitting the pool noodle and bounding 40 feet into a sand trap and getting rewarded with an eagle? No thanks. I want to play as badly as everyone, but not if it’s goofy golf. We did that at home in April and May when everyone just wanted to get out of the house, but we weren’t spending $3k to do it for a week…that’s my rant. Stay safe guys

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