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grant johnson

Tommy, that wouldn’t be so bad if it still had to drop in the hole….the course I played on had pool noodle about a third of the way up the flag and was thick enough to keep the ball out of the hole. Almost filled the hole completely…and they just told us to hit the noodle and count it in…..another course used pvc pipe around the flagstick which didn’t allow ball in the hole…..My concern is, if the virus continues to escalate, the state might put restrictions on play if not close it completely. I know the committee is doing all they can to put on a good event, just would like to know what we are up against early enough to decide if the “guidelines” are going to prohibit play worthy of the cost and time. Also, if they remove rakes out of traps, does that mean a free drop out of them? To me, I will take normal golf and sanitize myself if I need to….thanks

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