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Aaron Ellis

As far as the pool noodles, like Tommy and others have stated, here in the south it’s just a small piece that is cut and down in the hole to keep the ball falling clean to the bottom, nothing raised or suspended, a few courses did the raised cups for a while until a better situation could come forth, that’s how the pool Noodle came up! Now there is a slight chance if you jar a ball on the fly that it could bounce out of the hole, but c’mon let’s be realistic, how many of us jar the ball on the fly on a regular basis! As far as bunkers are concerned, I’m not sure what they will do, but most leagues around here, the bunkers have been a mix of raked or not raked, but there is no taking the ball out, the option is play it as it lies, or you can foot rake and replace the ball and then play it, this is only incase you’re in some behemoth foot print cause someone wasn’t nice enough to smooth out where they dug their feet in! I’m totally fine with using the foot rake method and placing the ball if the courses decide to not use rakes!

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