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Scott Bryant

I’m frankly surprised to see we’re at 2300. With the loss of the players party, worldwide economic woes, sealed borders and a late tournament (carries into September) I really thought we’d be lucky to hit 1000 players this year. My wife and I are worried about the latest resurgence in the M.B. area, but mostly because it might mean nothing is open. As such, she may opt out. Our flights were canceled already, which is another bad omen. I guess it’s “wait and see”. It’s not an enviable position for the WA staff to be in, but I expect a decision (in either direction) will need to be made soon. I agree with a previous poster that many golfers are willing to swallow the additional $100 cost to wait v.s. the uncertainty of a full refund, should things go funny. It’s a logical gamble. Let’s all hope for the best…

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