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Mike Sigmon

David it will be tough this year doing the skins game but it can be done you might need a little help from one or 2 others…I for one would be glad to help in my flight if needed…

If it was a way that it could be worked out with Scott that you could get the last tee time on Monday and let it be clear to everyone that skins must be paid for the week on Monday as Tuesday morning you could be first off or in the middle of the group of last off who knows..

Now we are playing threesomes have someone in the group keep another score card for everyone that’s playing in the skins game record all birdies, eagles, hole in one if any and have the card signed by the group turn the card in then either players can wait at the course or they can get a print out of the holes that won scats the next day I’m sure the pro would let a sheet be posted on the front door of the pro shop or somewhere outside, The last day on Thursday people will just have to wait till everyone is in to see if their scores held up on any given holes…

Also maybe have people when they sign up to get in the game leave there cell number ( be sure you can read it ) and a text can be sent to all the winners that have left the course for any given day to let them know to hang around to see you or one of the people that’s helping the next day..even if it’s the last day at least you have a way to get in touch with a person that has something coming to them…

I do think it would be great if the course ran the skin games this year but that’s wishful thinking I believe

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